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The Blackjack Difference

The Blackjack Difference

On Site

Flexible, versatile, and ready to go, right on the job site! We’re able to set up and start pouring within an hour – no waste, no wait – with the exact mix every time. Our volumetric concrete trucks carry the water, sand, cement, and aggregate right on the truck. In essence, each truck is a self-contained portable concrete production plant, with precise mix, measurement, and control.

On Demand

Our volumetric concrete trucks give greater flexibility to produce the exact quantity you need, at the precise mix you require, at any slump or ratio. Traditional trucks deliver a predetermined mix, offering little flexibility to meet the job’s required specifications. The technology of our volumetric trucks allow for hundreds of different mixtures or calibrations. We even have the capability for different types of mix variations on the same truck, for the same job, at the same time!

Under Control

No more wasted concrete! Our volumetric trucks offer complete control of the concrete you need – when, where, and how much –¬†for any type of project, big or small. Mixing on site and producing concrete in real time provides opportunity to test, measure, and tweak the mix on the fly, ensuring your concrete meets or exceeds expectations. You can mix exactly the concrete you need for the job you require, every time, without fail.

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Zack Kersh

Highly recommend Blackjack paving. They are reliable and a great company to work with!

google Jun 06, 2022

Terah Morris

We added a small track at our elementary school and had a great experience with Blackjack Paving! Our sales contact ...

google Feb 25, 2022

Cheryl K

I phoned 7 asphalt companies. Blackjack Paving and one other actually responded by coming to my property and bidding the job; ...

google Oct 04, 2021

Hatcher Rosenkoetter

Excellent company and they go above and beyond to get the job done right the first time

google Aug 27, 2021

Tracy Zentner

Sales rep took the time to come out and see the space we needed to stripe. The crew that completed ...

google Aug 05, 2021

Bryan Fort

The guys showed up on time and before you knew it I had the drive way here at my business ...

google Jul 26, 2021

Matthew Morton

BlackJack Paving Company did a tremendous job repaving a shopping center parking lot for us. Communication was great with all ...

google Jul 14, 2021

Amanda Renova

Easy to deal with. Very responsive. Friendly staff Highly recommended and

google Jun 24, 2021

Neal Russell

Arrived early very organized and professional. Dry pleasant to be around they let me know what to expect them made ...

google Jun 23, 2021

Karyn Staples

Blackjack Paving was able to take care of the parking lot on a Saturday to allow for the proper time ...

google Jun 02, 2021

lacey williams

I have consulted with Tyler snd he has spent a great deal of time walking me through my options. I ...

google May 18, 2021

Bill Case

Blackjack did a superb job of repaving the Fairways in Peachtree City. Ga. Special thanks to Brad for his advice ...

google Jul 04, 2020

Anthony Smith

Great company to work for.

google Jun 10, 2020

Jason Foster

Blackjack did an amazing job on our HOA project. We were so impressed with their quality of work we are ...

google Jun 14, 2019

Jeff Whitt

Brad and the Blackjack Paving team were 100% first class and did an amazing job at our golf club. I highly ...

google Mar 30, 2019

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