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Concrete, like any other substance, has a shelf life. How long it lasts varies depending on temperature fluctuations, foot and vehicle traffic, and other factors. One thing is for sure: When it deteriorates to a certain point, property owners need to contact Blackjack Paving for concrete replacement. Atlanta, GA property owners risk further damage to their land and liability when they don’t address the problem. Concrete replacement is a multi-step, complicated process, but we have over two decades of experiencing doing so.

Concrete Replacement vs. Concrete Repair in Atlanta, GA

Blackjack Paving provides concrete repair. However, concrete replacement is sometimes a better option for property owners. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, you’ll need to balance a variety of factors when weighing whether to repair or replace your concrete surface. There’s no perfect cookie-cutter solution, so Blackjack Paving specialists can help you decide. Some things to consider include:

  • Aesthetics: Commercial property owners should strongly consider replacing their concrete instead of repairing it if repairing the concrete would leave unsightly spots. You want to make an impression on your visitors, and a new, pristine walkway or parking lot does the trick.
  • Materials: How much material it would take to repair your concrete makes a significant difference. For instance, Blackjack Paving recommends our clients strongly consider a replacement if we need to use more than two inches of concrete to repair the surface.
  • Time: Sometimes, it takes less time to replace concrete than it does repair it. For business owners, time might be of the essence. Keeping your property accessible is important. It might be better for your bottom line to replace the pavement if it takes less time.
  • Clearance: It isn’t always advisable to pour new concrete over existing concrete. In such instances, Blackjack Paving might recommend replacement over concrete repair. We’ll survey your property and let you know what we see.

The Causes of Concrete Failure

Concrete is a durable surface, but it isn’t indestructible. A variety of factors cause cracks, sunken sections, and uneven surfaces. For instance, concrete is a porous material, which means moisture seeps into the concrete. Over time, it causes deterioration. Other causes of concrete issues include:

  • Expansion and contraction: Atlanta, GA is incredibly hot during the summer and early fall months, and extreme heat causes concrete to expand. This expansion puts pressure on anything that surrounds it – such as curbs or light poles. When temperatures cool down, it contracts. Over time, expanding and contracting contribute to cracks and uneven surfaces.
  • Heaving and settling: There is soil underneath your concrete surface. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about soil compaction or erosion. Another contributing factor to concrete issues is tree root growth. Heaving and settling is the result of soil and tree root changes.
  • Overloading: There’s a load limit to every concrete surface, and properties that regularly exceed it are bound to have problems. For instance, without a dumpster pad, you might be ruining the concrete until your garbage dumpster. Concrete replacement becomes necessary when concrete damage is significant.
  • Improper drying: Unprofessional pavers might leave too little time for drying. This lack of patience can hurt you in the long run. The drying process is crucial to the long-term health of the concrete surface.

Our Concrete Replacement in Atlanta, GA Works

We’re proud of our versatility. We’re fast, agile, and quick to adapt to our clients’ ever-changing needs. After all, no two concrete replacement jobs are the same. We don’t know what we’re going to see when we remove the existing concrete, so our team must understand what they’re doing and be prepared to change tactics. Fortunately, Blackjack Paving has it down to a science. We perform concrete replacement in two phases: removal and replacement. It works like this:

  • Removal: Before we begin removing the concrete, we determine how much to take out. We need an accurate depth below the existing grade. Once we’ve identified the depth, our experienced professionals use an industrial-grade concrete saw to excavate the existing concrete from the area. Then, we transport the excavated concrete to a legal dump site while our team re-compacts what’s left to make sure we have a steady base with which to work.
  • Replacement: First, our team pours previously-formed concrete on the area according to our measurements. As we do so, they pay attention to their work, because they might need to add expansion and control joints to ensure the project’s success. Once done pouring the concrete, we hand trowel and brush finish the concrete.

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