Wheel Stops

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Wheel stops, also known as parking bumpers or parking blocks, are an effective tool to use in your parking lot. Installing these in your lot protects parked vehicles, buildings, landscaping, as well as other areas and structures that you wish to keep safe for a minimal investment. Wheel stops keep vehicles from parking past or beyond a designated space and can effectively prevent fender benders and other property damage.

Why you should consider wheel stops

If you’ve considered parking blocks but haven’t made a move forward, it may be time for investment in the well-being of your property. Some of the advantages of having wheel stops in your parking lot include:

Prevents low-impact collisions from occurring

Parking lot accidents are more common than you may think. It doesn’t take much for a driver to pull a little too far over the line to hit a parked car or a car with another driver. This can lead to property damage and injury, putting your parking lot in the crosshairs. Wheel stops keep cars in defined parking spots and prevent accidents before they occur.

Controls traffic in your parking lot

Do you have customers and visitors driving across your parking lot against traffic, pulling through spots, and putting pedestrians and property at risk? Wheel stops can make a difference. By providing a definitive end to parking spaces and making it clear that pulling through parking spots is not permitted, you can control traffic and reduce the likelihood of accidents and issues. With parking stops in place, you reduce the risk of property damage and pedestrian injury.

Helps your parking lot look organized and well-maintained

Parking is an important part of driving, but that doesn’t mean all drivers are great at parking between the lines or staying in their spots. You can use the parking bumpers to keep your lot neat, clean, and organized. With wheel stops at the edge of each space, your lot will orderly and efficient.

Parking blocks made easy

At Blackjack Paving in Atlanta, we deliver and install both concrete and rubber wheel stops in your parking lot. Protect the vehicles, buildings, and individuals at your location with this easy and effective solution.

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