Infrared Asphalt Repair Services in Fairburn, Georgia

Infrared Asphalt Repair Services in Fairburn, Georgia

Seamless Infrared Asphalt Repair Services for Potholes and Minor Damages

Seeking a seamless and cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt patching?  Infrared asphalt might be the solution to your pothole repair.  Blackjack Paving offers infrared asphalt repair services in Fairburn, Georgia, and other nearby cities in Fulton County.  Additionally, our services extend to repairing minor damages, ensuring your pavement stays smooth and safe.

The Process

Apply Heat

We use heat to mix the new asphalt and the liquid binder with the existing pavement material.

Level & Compact

We pour the combination of fresh asphalt and hot binder mixture onto the pavement, smoothing and compacting it for a seamless finish.

Advantages of Infrared Patching

Infrared Patch

A budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and permanent way to prevent water leaks

Cold Patch

An affordable yet temporary solution

Traditional Patch

A permanent yet costly solution

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