Benefits Of Using Volumetric Concrete Mixer

The proper ratio of water and concrete mix is crucial for the strength of your concrete. We are excited to offer a new service, Blackjack Concrete. Instead of utilizing the traditional barrel trucks, our paving professionals can use our new volumetric trucks on-site to ensure that your concrete to water ratio is right every time. […]

How to Patch and Repair Broken Asphalt

After about five to seven years, the average asphalt parking lot will need repairs. Whether you have a small crack, surface damage, or a pothole, asphalt damage should be addressed as soon as possible. The damaged places can worsen with time and allow moisture to seep to the base. If left unrepaired, you could reduce […]

 Crackfill: Surviving the Freeze and Thaw Cycle

The cool weather of fall and winter can come on suddenly. In addition to wear and tear, your asphalt lot must endure intense temperature changes. The weather and elements can eventually cause your pavement to crack and wear down. One small crack may not seem like that big of a problem, but the after-effects can […]

Saying Yes to Sealcoating

A parking lot with cracks and potholes not only looks unprofessional, but it is also dangerous. When your asphalt is damaged, it can leave the foundation of your pavement exposed, which could lead to premature deterioration. A deteriorated parking lot can develop dangerous structural issues which could lead to an accident or injury on your […]

Soil Stabilization and Soil Cement – Build on the Right Foundation

Whether putting in a road or laying a new parking lot, paving must be completed on the right foundation. A paved surface must endure constant exposure to the elements and heavy vehicles. If the foundation is weak, your paved surface will be damaged and fail sooner than intended. One way to ensure your paved area […]

Parking Lot Evaluation

Keeping your parking lot in good shape is important for presenting your business well and prioritizing safety. Over time, your asphalt may start to show wear and damage from the years of usage and exposure to the elements. Blackjack Paving provides quality repairs to keep your lot in pristine condition. If you are not already, […]