Asphalt Resurfacing v. Replacement

Your asphalt lot and driveway can have an impact on your company’s first impression. Over time, asphalt can become worn down from constant use, erosion, oxidation, and exposure to the elements. When your lot becomes compromised with cracks and potholes, the lot will look unkept and could even be dangerous. When damage is caught early […]

What is Blackjack Concrete? 

Blackjack Paving has a long-standing reputation for exceptional work with asphalt, but we also offer concrete for commercial needs. Concrete can be a lasting and attractive choice for your company’s parking lot, your commercial driveway, and more. Whether you need to install concrete for the first time or repair your existing concrete, the professionals at […]

When to Sealcoat, Resurface, or Replace Your Commercial Driveway and Parking Lot

Your commercial driveway and parking lot are an important part of your company’s curb appeal. When your asphalt is faded or damaged, the professionalism of your business is diminished. Working on your driveway and parking lot before your asphalt becomes an eyesore is important. Blackjack Paving can help whether you are considering sealcoating, driveway resurfacing, […]

Water Intrusion & Parking Lot Maintenance

Prioritizing maintenance outside of your building is just as important as maintaining the inside. Your parking lot sets an important first impression, which means ensuring a positive perception is crucial. Asphalt parking lots have a typical lifespan of 20-25 years, but the lifespan is greatly impacted by exposure to harsh conditions and improper maintenance. If […]

Standard Dimensions of a Parking Space

How long is a parking space? The typical parking space dimensions are roughly 8.5-9 feet in width and 16-20 feet in length. These spaces are marked using parking stripes, which are approximately four inches in width. Other than handicap areas, these 4-inch stripes are the only distance between each parking space. Parking striping should be […]

Parking Lot Marking

A properly functioning parking lot does not happen by accident. Proper striping and signage will help ensure that your parking lot is safe and optimized. At Blackjack Paving, we provide striping and pavement marking services to improve the professional appearance, overall safety, and clarity of your lot. There are many important reasons to prioritize your […]