Asphalt Repair

The wear and tear of vehicles and weather conditions on pavement over time will eventually lead to cracks and potholes in your asphalt, making for bumpy rides, detracting from the appearance of your property, and possibly causing damage to vehicles. Here at Blackjack Paving, we have the experience and tools necessary to conduct high-quality asphalt repairs, helping smooth your ride and preventing larger asphalt problems down the line.

Asphalt Maintenance and Crack Sealing

The best way to deal with asphalt repair is to prevent it in the first place with quality paving and regular maintenance. As the premier commercial paving contractor in Atlanta, we provide top-quality surface paving that is extremely durable and weather resistant. Even with our high-quality paving methods, however, the constant strain of vehicles and weather conditions over time will eventually lead to cracks or potholes.

To keep cracks from turning into more costly repairs, crack filling and crack sealing are two of the most important maintenance steps you can take. By getting to cracks early on when the asphalt is still in fair condition, you can help keep your parking lot or driveway from developing significant potholes or craters. Crack sealing aims to keep water from seeping through the crack and penetrating the deeper levels of the asphalt, causing further damage. It also serves to prevent particles and materials from entering the crack and leading to further damage. To seal the crack, contractors typically use a hot-poured sealant, lasting for up to eight years.

Pothole and Patching Repair

In some cases, cracks left untended expand into potholes or a particularly harsh winter leaves your asphalt torn up and difficult to navigate. Our skilled asphalt repair contractors at Blackjack Paving will be able to patch any major potholes and keep your property looking its best, even after years of use.

All asphalt requires patching at some point in its life. When that time comes, it’s important to have an experienced contractor, like Blackjack Paving, to do a thorough, quality patch job. A poor patching job will end up deteriorating quickly and costing you more money in the long run. Depending on the type of pothole, the two methods typically used for patching asphalt are removing and replacing the faulty pavement or covering the defective area with an overlay.

The first method, also known as a “dig-out,” involves removing material down to a stable base in the pothole area and the area immediately surrounding it. The base material is then leveled and compacted, providing a solid base for the patch. New surfacing materials and pavement are then used to fill the hole and compacted.

The second method, also called “overlay patches,” is typically used to repair the surface of asphalt where there aren’t issues with base or subgrade problems in the area. Overlay patching requires removal of loose and broken asphalt and repairs or leveling of any significant ruts or depressions. The new pavement is then applied and compacted.

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