Quality Milling in Atlanta, GA

Pavement should be smooth, stable, and safe; at Blackjack Paving, we aim to do what we can to make sure that is the case. Oftentimes milling in Atlanta is needed during the laying of new pavement, and it is one of many tasks that our team is equipped to handle. Quality milling makes for quality pavement, so be sure to work with the professionals every time.

Why Is Milling Done?

The purpose of milling is to remove any amount of a certain paved surface. The actual extent of the milling depends on the needs of the situation and the project; only the required amount of material will be removed during milling. Take a look below to find out exactly why milling is done.

  • Improve Driver Safety. Laying down new pavement can be a great idea, but doing it improperly can be extremely dangerous. Before new pavement can be applied, unsafe parts of the existing surface must be removed. Once the Blackjack Paving team mills the undesirable areas of the road or parking lot, new pavement can be safely laid so that drivers don’t have to worry about damage to their car or injury to their person.
  • Make the Road Comfortable. In addition to being safer, a properly milled and paved road offers a much more comfortable ride. There’s not much joy in a joyride when the road is full of cracks, potholes, and other blemishes, but milling seeks to remove these imperfections. This leaves a clean and level surface for new pavement, which allows you to enjoy yourself on the road.
  • Recycle Materials. Milling is actually an environmentally friendly procedure because it presents the opportunity to recycle used materials. The material that is milled from the pavement can be crushed and used as aggregate; it will then make its way back into circulation, so less energy will be required to produce new materials.
  • Control Damage. In most cases, damage that goes untreated will only continue to get worse. This can be particularly dangerous when it comes to the public roads, highways, and parking lots that people drive on. By milling the area before repaving, Blackjack Paving eliminates these damaged components and sets the stage for a more stable and efficient platform.

If you are interested in milling services in Atlanta, you can feel free to call the Blackjack Paving team at (678) 619-4366. You can also learn much more about our other specialties, which include asphalt repair, wheel stops, and concrete sealing.

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