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As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you must do what you can to protect your foundation and lawn from the problems caused by rainfall damage. When water pools by your home, it causes issues that can deteriorate the stability of your building over time. A solid foundation is important, and concrete gutters help. Atlanta, GA property owners can use them to divert water from their lawn to the street and finally to the sewer access point. Blackjack Paving understands how to build the mechanisms that make this possible.

Four Hard-to-Beat Benefits of Concrete Gutter Installation

Blackjack Paving’s water-diverting services are important because they provide homeowners with a way to protect their home in an aesthetically-pleasing way. As for commercial property owners, a well-constructed and paved concrete gutter creates a safer atmosphere for customers, something that’s sure to lessen your liability. Other benefits of concrete gutters include:

  • Efficiency: Concrete gutters use the power of gravity to do their work. Even if your lawn isn’t sloped, we’re still able to create a natural downhill effect by how we dig the trench for the concrete gutter. Concrete gutters’ simplicity is why they’re so popular in Atlanta, GA. During the next storm, the gutter will carry rainwater from your home and safely to the street.
  • Effectiveness: Concrete gutters protect your foundation. Foundation repair is incredibly expensive, so investing in concrete gutters is a wise choice for both residential and commercial clients. In addition to foundation protection, they keep your lawn looking pristine and well-kept.
  • Permanence: Concrete gutters are a permanent solution. While downspouts and other solutions can be sufficient, they’re easily damaged by storms and don’t last forever. Concrete is a durable material. Blackjack Paving’s concrete gutters will last a lifetime and provide protection during storm season after storm season.
  • Easy access: We don’t have to make significant alterations to your lawn to install a concrete gutter. They can look attractive and aesthetically-pleasing with the addition of gravel and sand. You can even paint them.

How Concrete Gutter Installation Works

When you place your trust in any construction company, you want to be sure it knows what they’re doing, and that’s especially true when the project involves your lawn. Building and installing concrete gutters in a complicated process, one that relies on our experience and long-standing expertise to complete. We adhere to a rigorous process and extensively train each of our employees, so they know what they’re doing and how to do it. Concrete gutter installation in Atlanta, GA works like this:

  • Preparation: Every project is built on extensive preparation, so we carefully lay out the full depth, width, and length of the gutter and mark the path. Our team surveys the land and makes adjustments as needed. Next, our team digs the trench and prepares the soil underneath by compacting it.
  • Formwork Installation: To provide a snug fit and long-lasting construction, we must install formwork throughout the project. Small-scale projects require wood, metal, or plastic materials, while large-scale jobs usually demand sturdier stuff. We add formwork throughout the trench.
  • Reinforcement: During this step, we add steel bars if the trench crosses any utility trenches. We are required to do this to protect the integrity of the utility trenches.
  • Concrete pouring: Next, we pour the concrete into the trench. We use a slip-form machine, which forces fresh concrete out while moving along the trench at the appropriate speed.
  • Expansion joint construction: Concrete expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations, so expansion joints are a critical component of concrete gutter construction. Expansion joints are spaced throughout the trench and provide a buffer to make sure the concrete lasts.
  • Curing: Finally, we use state-of-the-art technology to cure the concrete. This results in a great-looking finished product.

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Our concrete services in Atlanta are extensive. We have over two decades working with this versatile, durable material, and we’ve delivered superior service to each of our customers. In addition to concrete gutters, our team can install concrete curbs and dumpster pads and replace concrete when it grows too old. We use seal coating to help Atlanta, GA property owners protect the integrity of their concrete and asphalt services, as well. We eagerly await your call and hope you’ll schedule an appointment with us soon. To get started, contact us today.

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