Blackjack Paving: Installing Concrete Curbs for Two Decades

Both residential and commercial clients benefit from concrete curbs, which add an aesthetically-pleasing and practical barrier around lawns and flower beds. They protect the shape and form of the yard and boost curb appeal. Blackjack Paving’s experience and expertise allow our team to quickly and efficiently make these modifications to your lawn, and you’ll be thrilled with the results. Your garden will look better, the grass will appear healthier, and you’ll be happier with the state of your overall property. Your Atlanta, GA property needs concrete curbs.

The Benefits of Installing a Concrete Curb on Your Property

Why should home and business owners invest in concrete curbs? That’s a fair question. Concrete curbs provide a host of benefits, but it’s not always something property owners think about. Flashier additions like a brand-new parking lot or driveway improve your property, and Blackjack Paving takes care of those. But concrete curbs are a subtle decision that makes a splashy impact. Beyond their use on landscapes, new curbs alongside parking lots and sidewalks dramatically boost consumer confidence in your business location. The benefits are vast:

  • Enhanced property value: Whether you’re a homeowner or a property management firm, growing your property’s value is essential. Concrete curbs are one small way to do so. They create a more beautiful lawn and open up increased opportunities for landscaping flourishes. Dazzle your guests with a neatly-organized flower bed bursting with reds, greens, yellows, and purples.
  • Lower maintenance tasks: The never-ending battle with weeds is over. Concrete curbs make cutting weeds easier and prevent them from making their way into your flower bed. Vanquish weeds once and for all with a professionally-installed concrete curb. Think of it as a moat in a castle.
  • Roots brought under control: Roots from trees and vegetation pose a danger to sidewalks and walkways. Concrete replacement is a pain, so you want to do what you can to prevent it. Concrete curbs create a barrier between underground root growth and your sidewalks.
  • Trimming made easy: Everyone wants a pristine lawn with crisp lines and green grass. Concrete curbs are the first step toward obtaining it. They provide a natural border around the property and make it extremely easy to trim. It’s a no-brainer.
  • An undisturbed landscape: Concrete curbs also provide a way for property owners to preserve sections of their lawn if they ever decide to renovate. You might not want to include that beautiful oak tree in your renovation plans, and concrete curbs will protect it.
How the Concrete Curb Installation Process Works

Installing a great-looking concrete curb takes patience and experience; two qualities our team possesses in spades. We know how to accomplish the task without disturbing your lawn or disrupting business. We’re quick, so you don’t have to worry about a prolonged job site, and our team gets results. The process of installing a concrete curb is the same, regardless of the size of the property. We carefully follow four steps during concrete curb installation:

  • Planning: First, our team works with you to determine the scope of the project. We need to know the total length and shape of the curb. Then, we use powdered chalk to mark the path of the concrete curb. Chalk’s highly-visible qualities make it ideal for helping you visualize the final result.
  • Digging: Once we’ve nailed down a plan of attack, our team digs a trench along the proposed path, usually about three inches deep and as wide as the stone. We use a compactor to firm the bottom of the trench before proceeding.
  • Lining: Next, Blackjack Paving lines the trench with two inches of a gravel and sand mixture. We use this material because it’s ideal for providing a stable base for the concrete stones. Once we’re sure we’ve solidified the bottom, we proceed to the next step.
  • Laying: Now we place the curbstones in the dug and lined trenches. Measurement is crucial, and our team knows how to use steps one through three to make sure the concrete stones fit snugly. We use rubber mallets to level the stones.
Our Atlanta, GA Team Has Years of Experience

One of the best things about concrete curbs is their multi-faceted appeal. For instance, you can personalize them! Stone is easily painted, and you can adorn it however you want or leave the natural stone color intact. Blackjack Paving has over two decades of experience improving property values with this simple but elegant landscaping solution. We’re also experts at concrete paving, asphalt paving, seal coating in Atlanta, and more. To learn more about Blackjack Paving, contact us today. You can schedule an appointment, and we’ll be out to see you shortly.


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