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Repaving, replacing, or repairing a driveway or parking lot may be unnecessary if the structural integrity is still sound. For example, if there are no cracks or potholes, you can opt for eco-blasting services. Driveways, access roads, and parking lots in Atlanta, GA accumulate a lot of grime, stains, and other residues over time. Through eco-blasting, Blackjack Paving can gently remove the residue, oil stains, coatings, and buildup from your surfaces. Eco-blasting is a quick and environmentally friendly cleaning method that will create a tremendous first impression for your driveway or lot.



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Types of

Types of

Soda blasting

Soda blasting is entirely non-abrasive. It is effective at removing a wide array of contaminants from your driving surfaces. Soda blasting is popular because it can effectively clean while still being gentle.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is more abrasive than soda blasting, but it still does not damage your property. This method is the most efficient at removing contaminants while still being plenty eco-friendly.


Sandblasting is a little more abrasive than soda blasting. The sand is utilized to remove especially troublesome stains. Because sand is inherently coarse, it is very efficient at scraping various stains off the surface of your driveway or parking lot.


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Bill Case

Blackjack did a superb job of repaving the Fairways in Peachtree City. Ga. Special thanks to Brad for his advice ...

google Jul 04, 2020

Anthony Smith

Great company to work for.

google Jun 10, 2020

Jason Foster

Blackjack did an amazing job on our HOA project. We were so impressed with their quality of work we are ...

google Jul 02, 2019

Jeff Whitt

Brad and the Blackjack Paving team were 100% first class and did an amazing job at our golf club. I highly ...

google Jun 02, 2019

Diane West

Super happy with the quality of work performed. Awesome!

google Jun 02, 2019

Jackie Errico

When you invest in concrete that lasts a for years & years, you want to go with a reputable company such ...

google Jun 03, 2012

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