Pavement should be smooth, stable, and safe. At Blackjack Paving of Atlanta, we complete jobs professionally and properly, so your pavement is in the best condition. Oftentimes, milling is needed during the laying of new pavement, which is one of many services we offer. Quality milling makes for quality pavement, so be sure to work with the professionals every time.


Why Is
Milling Done?

Why Is
Milling Done?

Improve Driver Safety

Laying down new pavement can be a great idea, but it is extremely dangerous if done improperly. Before new pavement can be laid, unsafe sections of the existing surface must be removed. Then, once the Blackjack Paving team mills the damaged areas, new pavement can be safely applied.

Make the Road Comfortable

A properly milled and paved road offers a much more comfortable ride. Driving on a road that is full of cracks, potholes, and other blemishes is unpleasant, so milling is used to remove these imperfections. This process leaves a clean and level surface for new pavement, which allows you to enjoy yourself on the road.

Control Damage

Damaged asphalt will only get worse if left untreated. This is particularly dangerous for motorists. When Blackjack Paving mills asphalt before repaving, it sets the stage for a more stable and efficient smooth surface.

Recycle Materials

Milling is environmentally friendly because it re-purposes materials. The material that is milled from the pavement can be crushed and used as aggregate, which will then make its way back into circulation. Because of this process, less energy will be required to produce new materials.


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We added a small track at our elementary school and had a great experience with Blackjack Paving! Our sales contact ...

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Cheryl K

I phoned 7 asphalt companies. Blackjack Paving and one other actually responded by coming to my property and bidding the job; ...

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Excellent company and they go above and beyond to get the job done right the first time

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Sales rep took the time to come out and see the space we needed to stripe. The crew that completed ...

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Bryan Fort

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Easy to deal with. Very responsive. Friendly staff Highly recommended and

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Arrived early very organized and professional. Dry pleasant to be around they let me know what to expect them made ...

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Karyn Staples

Blackjack Paving was able to take care of the parking lot on a Saturday to allow for the proper time ...

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I have consulted with Tyler snd he has spent a great deal of time walking me through my options. I ...

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