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Repaving, replacing, or repairing a driveway or parking lot may be unnecessary if the structural integrity is still sound. For example, if there are no cracks or potholes, you can opt for eco-blasting services. Driveways, access roads, and parking lots in Atlanta, GA accumulate a lot of grime, stains, and other residues over time. Through eco-blasting, Blackjack Paving can gently remove the residue, oil stains, coatings, and buildup from your surfaces. Eco-blasting is a quick and environmentally friendly cleaning method that will create a tremendous first impression for your driveway or lot.

  1. Eco-blasting services are safe, fast, and effective.
  2. They use a gentle cleaning process that doesn’t damage your lot or driveway.
  3. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to other cleaning methods.
  4. The method is capable of removing excess buildup on asphalt, concrete, and other surfaces.
  5. In addition to making your lot look better, it also protects it against future damage.
What Kinds of Eco-Blasting Methods Exist?

Simply put, eco-blasting is a safe, clean, and eco-friendly, method of removing troublesome and ugly-looking stains from driveways, parking lots, and roads. It efficiently removes paint, grease stains, dirt, mold, graffiti, oil, smoke and water damage, and numerous other contaminants without distressing the surface. For instance, in the 1980s, eco-blasting was used to clean the Statue of Liberty. They needed a way to clean it without damaging it, and eco-blasting got the job done. Eco-blasting is equally efficient on asphalt and concrete surfaces, as well. There are several methods of eco-blasting your surface, including:

Soda blasting:

Soda blasting is entirely non-abrasive. It is effective at removing a wide array of contaminants from your driving surfaces. Soda blasting’s non-abrasive nature means it is one of our most popular offerings.

Shot blasting:

Shot blasting is more abrasive than soda blasting, but it still doesn’t damage your property and is plenty eco-friendly. For many customers, shot blasting is a great option and the most efficient at removing contaminants.


Just as with shot blasting, sandblasting is a little more abrasive than soda blasting. It uses sand to remove troublesome stains. Because sand is inherently coarse, it is very efficient at scraping various stains off the surface of your driveway or parking lot.

Why Should I Have My Driveway or Lot Eco-Blasted?

Compared with more traditional blasting methods, the most popular benefit associated with eco-blasting is how little time it takes to complete. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, your time is valuable. We believe in respecting it, which is why we are so fond of eco-blasting as a cleaning technique. So why should you have your driveway or parking lot eco-blasted? Because a stained, unsightly surface is unattractive. For residential property owners, it can be an embarrassing sight and even violate neighborhood bylaws. For commercial property owners, a dirty parking lot doesn’t send an encouraging sign to potential customers. More importantly, properly caring for your parking lot is essential. Eco-blasting provides long-term benefits, just as sealcoating does.

How Does Eco-Blasting Work?

Eco-blasting uses equipment filled with intense pressurized water and abrasive material. Blackjack Paving uses mobile, small dustless blasters to get the job done. We mix water with an abrasive material in the blast tank in the dustless blaster. This increases mass and energy within the container. Once we’ve perfected the ratio of water and abrasive into the tank, we close the lid and all vents. From there, we pressurize the tank. We’re able to regulate that pressure by using a valve on the exterior of the dustless blaster. Our target pressure is always 40 psi to 120 psi. Once we’ve achieved the right level of psi, we use a level to blast the entire surface being addressed.

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Eco-blasting services are excellent for both residential and commercial property owners. We believe in helping you create the best-looking surfaces we can. We accomplish this task through careful attention to detail, efficiency, and years of prior experience. If we’re coming to your property to use eco-blasting to clean your surfaces, consider investing in sealcoating. Sealcoating will protect your driveway or parking lot from cracks in the same way eco-blasting protects it from stains. Do you have indoor or outdoor surfaces that need to be cleaned? Trust the experts at Blackjack Paving to get the job done. Learn more about how our Atlanta asphalt paving company can provide you with quality eco-blasting services.

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