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Thermoplastic application is one of the most effective ways to create pavement markings and striping. This process involves a mixture of glass beads, binder, pigment, and filler glass that is heated to a temperature of 420 degrees and then applied as markings to a wide range of surfaces. Since 1958, thermoplastic application has proven to be highly durable, extremely visible, reflective, and skid resistant. This reflective and durable coating has saved many lives as a result. Blackjack Paving provides thermoplastic application for a variety of areas, including parking lots, crosswalks, bike lanes, airport runways, drive-through areas, intersections, medians, and road lines.



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Benefits of
Thermoplastic Application

Benefits of
Thermoplastic Application

Improved Visibility

Visibility of road markings is of the utmost importance because it saves lives. Pedestrian paths, bike paths, and road markings can prevent collisions. Thermoplastic application is simply more noticeable than conventional paint.

Stronger Durability

Conventional paint simply cannot compete with thermoplastic application. Once heated and applied, the thermoplastic mixture bonds with the surface. Thermoplastic application holds up to the elements, water damage, and fading.

Increased Skid Resistance

Especially during inclement weather, having as much skid resistance as possible is ideal. Thermoplastic application adds skid resistance to your pavement. Extra skid resistance is optimal on intersections, runways, and high traffic areas.


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