Qualities that Make a Great Parking Lot?

Blackjack Paving knows a thing or two about parking lots. A parking lot can have a significant impact on the look, safety, and convenience of your business or commercial development. If you’re a property owner and want your paved areas to look their best, then read on to learn about a few of the qualities that can make your parking area great.


Plenty of Signage

Parking lots that are difficult to navigate can be both frustrating and dangerous for drivers. For this reason, any great parking lot will have signage that informs visitors of things like where to park and in which direction to drive. Examine your parking lot from a visitor’s perspective and consider whether it might benefit from things like additional stop, yield, speed limit, or no parking signs. Also, how clear are your parking lot’s markings? Is it easy to tell where one parking space ends and the next begins? If not, then consider giving the surface a facelift by hiring paint striping services.

A Smooth Surface

Whether it’s due to big potholes, little cracks, or a rough surface, paving that is anything other than smooth doesn’t make for a great parking lot. After all, employees don’t want to drive over holes that can damage their vehicles, and clients would rather not navigate around pavement cracks when finding the way to a building’s entrance. Also, while you may not think that a rough parking lot surface is a concern, it may be more unpleasant than you think for customers pushing shopping carts across it. If your parking lot isn’t smooth, then consider contacting your local paving company about your options for sealcoating, milling, and repair services.

A Clean Appearance

If it has been a while since you had your parking lot installed, then you may have forgotten how nice it once looked. A parking lot that has dark asphalt, clearly marked parking spaces, and a surface that is damage-free can help promote a professional image for a commercial property. If your parking lot looks nothing like it did when it was new, then consider taking advantage of paving maintenance services.


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