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Blackjack Paving is a multi-faceted, flexible asphalt and concrete paving company capable of a wide array of services. One of our specialties is paving dumpster pads. Atlanta, GA commercial property owners without a dumpster pad should strongly consider hiring our talented and experienced team to install one. We have over two decades of experience working with commercial and residential clients to find solutions to their problems.

Why Dumpster Pads Matter to Atlanta, GA Property Owners

A dumpster pad is critical in protecting the area under and around your trash dumpster. The next time the waste disposal company comes to your property, go outside. Pay attention to how loudly the garbage crew drops the dumpster to the ground. The dumpster exerts an extraordinary amount of force on the concrete underneath, and over time, it will destroy the concrete. Dumpster pads prevent costly concrete repairs by providing a buffer between the dumpster and the concrete. Concrete is a formidable material for dumpster bins due to its strength and durability. Blackjack Paving highly recommends concrete dumpster pads for all commercial property owners.

How Dumpster Pads Work

Beyond the dumpster itself, the garbage trucks contribute to parking lot damage. The metal forks they use to scoop up your dumpster and empty it scrape the pavement. Dumpster pads use a sloped design to provide a natural place for those forks. The dumpster rests on a raised platform that absorbs all of the considerable force caused by garbage day. We’ll extend the dumpster pad 10 to 15 feet from the dumpster, which enables the front wheels of the garbage truck to rest on the sloped surface. More importantly, the length and width of the dumpster pad help keep hydraulic fluids from corroding your parking lot surface.

Our Dumpster Pad Installation Process

Concrete repair is expensive. Avoid it by investing in a dumpster pad. Blackjack Paving has over two decades of experience installing them. We know how to adjust to your parking lot’s dimensions and any obstructions we might encounter. Installing a dumpster pad is a time-consuming and painstaking process, but it’s vital we do so correctly. Skipping steps or incorrectly performing them significantly weakens the process. Fortunately, we have the experience needed to avoid mistakes.

The installation process is as follows:

  • We survey and mark the area where we’re installing the dumpster pad.
  • Our team marks the work area for pedestrian safety.
  • Our specialists use jackhammers and saws to cut the perimeter, creating a smooth edge.
  • We then excavate the pavement where the dumpster sits and dispose of it legally.
  • Our team elevates the platform depending on conditions (usually 6-8 inches).
  • We compact 4 to 8 inches of crushed stone, if necessary.
  • Our technicians install 6 x 6 inch wire mesh or ½ inch rebar to strengthen the slab.
  • We set the concrete form using metal or wood.
  • We pour 3500-4000-psi concrete and use air entertainment to prevent weather damage.
  • We might need to install control joints to ensure long-term stability.
  • Our team hand-trowels the concrete.
  • If necessary, Blackjack Paving uses expansion joints to stabilize the dumpster pad.
  • Once partially-set, we use a broom to finish the concrete.
  • Once the concrete is set, we remove the forms and dispose of them
  • We clear all debris and keep the dumpster off the pad for seven days.
Dumpster Pad Installation and More: Contact Us Today

While Blackjack Paving is on-site installing a dumpster pad at your Atlanta, GA location, consider taking advantage of one of our other services. We deliver a multitude of offers that benefit commercial property owners, and we can easily help you in close succession of installing a dumpster pad. Concrete curbs and concrete gutters are two ways for property owners to upgrade their parking lots. Blackjack Paving has years of experience delivering superior concrete services and asphalt services to our clients throughout Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence, and we can’t wait to share it with you. For dumpster pad installation in Atlanta, GA, and more, contact Blackjack Paving today.


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