Standard Dimensions of a Parking Space

How long is a parking space? The typical parking space dimensions are roughly 8.5-9 feet in width and 16-20 feet in length. These spaces are marked using parking stripes, which are approximately four inches in width. Other than handicap areas, these 4-inch stripes are the only distance between each parking space. Parking striping should be done precisely to ensure the appropriate number of spaces have the right dimensions. Blackjack Paving has decades of experience with striping and can be trusted to make each spot the standard parking space size.

Why Proper Striping Matters

Visibility—Striping performs an important role in the safety of your parking lot. The amount of visitors to your lot will depend on parking striping that indicates the flow of the lot and the designated spaces. Without visible striping, there is a greater chance of visitors parking over the lines, minimizing the available spots overall. Also, there will be an increased risk of minor accidents due to cars bumping each other while trying to navigate in and out of spaces.

Capacity — Your lot will have the maximum number of spots while maintaining the standard parking space size if striped by the professionals at Blackjack Paving. Your parking lot will safely accommodate the maximum number of visitors.

Comfort— Attempting to park in tight spaces is stressful, especially for your visitors driving larger vehicles. By striping your lot and following the typical parking space dimensions, you  make the parking experience less stressful for your visitors.

Appearance— A properly striped lot will convey professionalism before your visitors even enter your building. If your parking lot looks faded or poorly maintained, your visitors could form a negative opinion about your company or feel less safe in your lot. A well manicured lot feels more secure and looks more impressive.

Whether you are restriping a lot or striping for the first time, Blackjack Paving can help you achieve a professional look for your lot.

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