5 Strong Benefits of Sealcoating

A customer’s first impression is generally formed before entering your door. Your parking lot is often the first opportunity you have to gain customers’ confidence. If your lot is in disrepair or poorly kept, this could communicate carelessness. The team at BlackJack Paving wants to help you win your customers before they even get inside with an impressive parking lot. Your asphalt will last and impress for much longer when sealcoated. Sealcoating creates a barrier to preserve your asphalt for pennies per square foot. Explore these important reasons to invest in sealcoating:

Protects Against Moisture—Sealcoating is a waterproofing agent to limit the penetration rate of water to allow the asphalt to expand and complete its freeze and thaw process properly. If not protected by sealcoating, asphalt can wear down and eventually crack. The protective barrier weatherizes your asphalt and maximizes its longevity.

Resists Oil and Gas Spills—Asphalt can be exposed to gas and oil spills from vehicles on the lot. The dripping of oil and gas can cause a softening in your asphalt on a hot day. Basically, your asphalt can break down from the exposure to gas and oil prematurely if not sealed.

Maintains Safety and Appearance of Your Lot—A well-kept parking lot impresses your customers before they even reach your building. Not only will your lot be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also keep your parking lot safer for your patrons. The sealcoating will help protect your asphalt from getting cracks or potholes, which could be unsafe to walk or drive over. Your customers will not enjoy spending extra time changing a tire in your lot due to poor parking lot conditions. Your lot should be smooth, safe, and sleek in appearance.

Saves Money—Asphalt pricing is determined by the cost of crude oil. Sealcoating is inexpensive regardless of oil prices. By sealcoating, you are extending your asphalt’s lifespan as long as possible. Not having to replace asphalt prematurely will save your company significant money.

Simplifies Maintenance—The sealcoating creates a smooth surface, which is easier for snow removal or sweeping off debris. Additionally, the barrier of the sealcoating allows for your asphalt to be pressure washed safely. You can save significant time by pressure washing your lot when it needs a cleaning, so sealcoating is a real timesaver.

If you are ready to sealcoat your lot, reach out to BlackJack Paving. We will help transform your lot into a safer, cleaner, and more impressive place!

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