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Meet The Blackjack Sales Team

When you’re building a business, one of the first things you’ll have to prioritize is how to sell your services or product. To do this effectively, you’ll need a great sales pitch and, perhaps even more importantly, a quality sales team that can juggle the demands of multiple clients asking for different services simultaneously. We […]

What to Expect: Parking Lot Repair

The moment someone drives near your business, one of the first things they’ll see is the quality of your parking lot. Is it smooth? Cracked? Is the visitor, client, or customer going to get jostled around in their car from all the uneven terrain? If so, you will probably want to consider repairing your lot. […]

What to Expect: Striping

If you’ve ever been in a parking lot and seen those white or yellow lines guiding you to your spot, or directional arrows telling you which way to go, you’ve witnessed striping in action! Striping is essential to traffic management and safety and serves as a visual cue for drivers and pedestrians. This post will […]

What to Expect: Crackfill & Sealcoat

Your parking lot is the welcome mat of your business. Weather, like rain and intense sunlight, affects your asphalt, degrading the surface and causing it to break apart. Regular maintenance should include sealcoating and crackfill to keep your parking lot in the best shape possible.   Sealcoating applies a layer of protective liquid over the top […]

What to Expect: Paving

If you’re getting ready to pave your driveway, parking lot, or any other outdoor surface for the first time, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Paving is a significant investment; you’ll want to ensure it’s done right! This blog will answer some of the most common questions about paving.  How does paving work? Asphalt combines […]

When Is The Best Time To Asphalt A Driveway

Spring and Summer are busy seasons for asphalt paving contractors because they feature the ideal warmer temperatures for paving. What if you notice your driveway has cracks in it over the winter? You’d like to have it fixed sooner rather than later, but is it feasible to have it paved over in the winter?  Let’s […]