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Soil Stabilization and Soil Cement – Build on the Right Foundation

Whether putting in a road or laying a new parking lot, paving must be completed on the right foundation. A paved surface must endure constant exposure to the elements and heavy vehicles. If the foundation is weak, your paved surface will be damaged and fail sooner than intended. One way to ensure your paved area […]

Parking Lot Evaluation

Keeping your parking lot in good shape is important for presenting your business well and prioritizing safety. Over time, your asphalt may start to show wear and damage from the years of usage and exposure to the elements. Blackjack Paving provides quality repairs to keep your lot in pristine condition. If you are not already, […]

What is Thermoplastic?

Whether you are striping your parking lot or adding a customized logo on your lot, thermoplastic is a durable and aesthetically pleasing choice. Thermoplastic can last 6 to 8 times longer than traditional painted markings on asphalt. At Blackjack Paving, we offer professional thermoplastic application to suit your specific needs. Explore the benefits and see […]

Three Traits of a Quality Paving Job

A quality paving job is all about the details. When a job is completed properly and meticulously, you will preserve your investment and maximize your asphalt’s lifespan. Blackjack Paving has a reputation for high quality work and attention to the details. There are a couple of key qualities that set apart a quality paving job. […]

The Power of
Perma Flex®️

Do you have a parking lot that would need a miracle to not have to be repaved? Perma Flex®️ is an innovative solution for parking lots in need of serious redemption. This revolutionary asphalt mix was designed for overlaying cracked surfaces and is the only one of its kind. Blackjack Paving is certified in Perma […]

What is Sealcoat and Crackfill? Why is it Necessary?

Keeping your asphalt lot protected and in good repair is important for safety and longevity. When your parking lot has a crack left unattended, it could lead to greater issues and reduce the lifespan of your lot dramatically. Sealcoating acts as a barrier for your asphalt, helping protect it from the harsh weather and elements. […]