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The Power of Permaflex Asphalt

Do you have a parking lot that would need a miracle to not have to be repaved? Permaflex is an innovative solution for parking lots in need of serious redemption. This revolutionary asphalt mix was designed for overlaying cracked surfaces and is the only one of its kind. Blackjack Paving is certified in Permaflex asphalt […]

What is Sealcoat and Crackfill? Why is it Necessary?

Keeping your asphalt lot protected and in good repair is important for safety and longevity. When your parking lot has a crack left unattended, it could lead to greater issues and reduce the lifespan of your lot dramatically. Sealcoating acts as a barrier for your asphalt, helping protect it from the harsh weather and elements. […]

Why it’s Important to Evaluate and Maintain Your Parking Lot

Your parking lot could easily be your customers’ first impression. If your parking lot is in disrepair, your customers can form the wrong impression about your business or property. Also, an unkept parking lot can be dangerous for your customers and employees, traveling on foot or in their vehicles. The safety of your visitors is […]

Making Your Warehouse Safe According to OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is committed to keeping workplaces safe. Although many of the details for warehouse striping are left up to the interpretation and customization of each business owner, OSHA provides some clarity on color choices and best practices for optimal safety. Having your warehouse properly designated can prevent injury to […]

Budgeting Tips for Asphalt Paving & Repair for Property Managers

As a property manager, you must prioritize the state of your asphalt parking lot. Commercial and residential living spaces need safe and accessible parking lots. When you have a worn down lot, people and vehicles could be harmed. Property managers are expected to manage the expenses of many things, so having an asphalt repair or […]

5 Strong Benefits of Sealcoating

A customer’s first impression is generally formed before entering your door. Your parking lot is often the first opportunity you have to gain customers’ confidence. If your lot is in disrepair or poorly kept, this could communicate carelessness. The team at BlackJack Paving wants to help you win your customers before they even get inside […]