Asphalt Paving Scam – What You Need To Know

Have you ever been approached by someone claiming to be a paving contractor? Perhaps they say that they are paving other projects in the area and they ask if you want yours paved too. They say they can do it at a discounted price. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

At Blackjack Paving, a commercial paving company in Atlanta, GA, we pride ourselves on being a licensed and professional paving contractor committed to the highest quality of work at the most affordable price. We have worked to build trust within our community as one of the top paving companies in Fairburn, GA, and the metro Atlanta area.

Things to look for that will allow you to spot a scammer:

Do they look professional? A professional contractor will often drive in a marked truck, such as the ones used by Blackjack Paving. If the solicitor is driving an unmarked truck with only a phone number, this could be a scammer. Many times, the number is just an answering machine. It is also wise to ask about their business address. Finally, do not be fooled by the presence of a “crew”. Some scammers may work in a crew, giving them the appearance of legitimacy. If the person seems hesitant to share these details, end the conversation.

Additional Questions to Ask: 

When choosing a pavement company, it is wise to ask thorough questions. Questions like:

  • Are they licensed and insured? Can they prove it? 
  • Are they aware of permit laws in your area?
  • Do they claim they have leftover asphalt from a previous job that they can use to pave your driveway? (A credible contractor like Blackjack Paving knows exactly how much asphalt is needed for a job, which means they will have very little or no asphalt left over after completing a job.)
  • What is their reputation?
  • What is the name of their business and can you find them on Google?
  • What have other customers said about them? 


These are the kind of questions that will have a scammer running for the hills. The best defense against a scam is to never, under any circumstances, enter into a business agreement with a solicitor. If you need your driveway paved, contact a licensed and professional paving contractor like Blackjack Paving, and we will be happy to evaluate your surface and give you an estimate. As experienced paving industry professionals, we have built a proven reputation throughout the metro Atlanta area for delivering on our promises of quality work and professional results.

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