Benefits Of Using Volumetric Concrete Mixer

The proper ratio of water and concrete mix is crucial for the strength of your concrete. We are excited to offer a new service, Blackjack Concrete. Instead of utilizing the traditional barrel trucks, our paving professionals can use our new volumetric trucks on-site to ensure that your concrete to water ratio is right every time. If you are unfamiliar with volumetric concrete services, there are many strong benefits that make it a wise choice for all sorts of concrete projects.

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is balanced based upon volume instead of weight, which makes it simpler to achieve the perfect ratio of water to concrete. Using volume as the guide, we can consistently achieve the perfect balance with a margin of error under 1%. Volumetric concrete allows you to have the ideal ratio and meet the strength, quality, and safety standards for concrete easily.

What are the Advantages?

  •       Eliminate Waste—You can mix exactly the concrete you need for your job. Traditional trucks will have a predetermined amount, so you may pay for more concrete than you need. Volumetric trucks can be especially ideal for small jobs where you would easily overspend on a traditional drum’s worth. Eliminating the concrete waste is good for the environment and for your wallet. Volumetric concrete is a win-win!
  •       Maximize Concrete Strength—Premixed concrete delivered in a barrel truck sometimes requires adding water on-site to get a more workable consistency. You are risking the strength of your concrete if you add too much water. Since the concrete is mixed to the perfect ratio on-site, you will not have to add water and risk messing up the ratio. The ideal water and concrete mix will give you the strongest long-lasting finished product.
  •       Enjoy Greater Versatility—Volumetric trucks carry the water, concrete mix, stone, aggregate, etc. separately on the truck. This feature is beneficial because you can mix different types of concrete on your worksite easily. With traditional concrete, you would have to schedule multiple trucks to deliver the various pre-mixed combinations. The technology of the volumetric truck allows for you to save hundreds of different mixtures or calibrations in its computer system. You can change between the combinations whenever you need to for your project.

Choose Blackjack Concrete when you need an “On Site, On Demand, Under Control” volumetric concrete specialist. If you are a concrete contractor looking for volumetric concrete service, give us a call today! We can help you access the highest quality concrete while saving your budget.

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