Budgeting Tips for Asphalt Paving & Repair for Property Managers

As a property manager, you must prioritize the state of your asphalt parking lot. Commercial and residential living spaces need safe and accessible parking lots. When you have a worn down lot, people and vehicles could be harmed. Property managers are expected to manage the expenses of many things, so having an asphalt repair or replacement sneak up could be really overwhelming. At Blackjack Paving, we want to help you prepare in advance, so your parking lot will never be in disrepair and your budget is already maxed out. Follow these steps to ensure your budget and your parking lot stay in good shape:

Evaluate Your Lot’s Condition Regularly—If you find problems early on, you may be able to address the issue before it becomes a costly repair. You should be on the lookout for cracks that are more than a ¼ inch. If the cracks are filled quickly and properly, the integrity of your asphalt will likely be preserved. When your parking lot looks faded, you could consider sealcoating, which will protect your asphalt and improve the appearance. You should also be looking out for cracks which are spreading. This is a warning sign that you will have a larger repair on your hands soon. Start saving now if you already notice cracks. Another issue could be potholes. Potholes can be dangerous for people walking or driving in your lot. Have them filled in before someone gets hurt. Also, your asphalt’s overall condition could worsen if water pools in the pothole. By regularly inspecting your lot, you can be proactive with repairs and know how soon to anticipate repairs or replacement budget wise. We can conduct a professional evaluation if you are interested in the most accurate estimate on the asphalt care you should anticipate.

Budget Based Upon Lifespan—The average asphalt lot may endure for 15-20 years with proper care. For the sake of safety and peace of mind, budget for an asphalt restoration project every 10 years. Even if your lot does not need it that soon, at least you will not be caught off-guard and lack the funding if it fails sooner than anticipated. Proper maintenance (street sweeping, crack filling, etc.) and sealcoating can help you prolong the lifespan of your asphalt lot. The longer your lot can last, the more funding you have for other important improvements at your property.

Plan Your Improvements Well For Larger Lots—If your parking lots are larger, planning the improvements in phases would be wise. You cannot expect your entire large apartment complex or shopping center to be inconvenienced while you do the whole thing. You can do the improvements over the course of 1-2 years to not interrupt your customers, workers, and tenants unnecessarily.

Choose a Professional Company like Blackjack Paving—You need professionals because your job should be completed by a licensed and insured company. Using professionals ensures that your job is done correctly so you get the longevity you deserve.

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