Parking Lot Evaluation

Keeping your parking lot in good shape is important for presenting your business well and prioritizing safety. Over time, your asphalt may start to show wear and damage from the years of usage and exposure to the elements. Blackjack Paving provides quality repairs to keep your lot in pristine condition. If you are not already, make parking lot evaluation part of your routine every month or so. Catching damage early can lead to a more successful repair and prevent the need for more dramatic measures, such as a total repaving.

Our parking professionals have compiled a checklist to help with your routine parking lot evaluations.

  •  Look for the “WOW” factor—This is the Water, Oxidation, Weight factor that you don’t want your lot to have. If you see standing pools of water, you likely have a drainage issue due to an uneven substrate. Oxidation occurs eventually based upon sun exposure. Not only will your lot look faded, but the asphalt will become brittle. The weight of heavy vehicles driving on your lot can eventually weaken the base of your asphalt, creating a wavy, warped, or buckled lot. If you see any of these signs, your parking lot needs an intervention to prevent further damage.
  •   Spot Potholes—Potholes are dangerous for a lot of reasons. Not only could someone fall in one walking through your parking lot, but a motorist could also get a flat tire driving through it. Beyond the dangers to your visitors, a pothole can collect water and allow more water to penetrate your asphalt’s foundation. Potholes are generally formed by getting water beneath the surface of your asphalt, so your lot probably has had water drainage issues for some time prior to the formation of a pothole. Potholes can require extensive intervention to ensure that water is kept out and your lot is not further compromised.
  •  Observe Discoloration and Disintegration—If you observe loose gravel or surface deterioration, your lot may be starting to fail. Look around the edges of your lot to see if there is cracking around the edges. These signs of disintegration are the warning sign that you may be repaving soon. If your lot appears faded from the UV exposure to the sun, you may be able to have it sealcoated to restore the beauty to your dull and weary looking lot.
  • Watch for Cracks and Ruts—If you notice any cracks, they will eventually become serious problems if left unchecked. Cracked asphalt is exposing the core of your asphalt lot to damage and moisture. Consider having your cracks filled in with crackfill to restore the surface of your lot. Ruts generally show up on common driving routes within your lot. Unfortunately, ruts are generally a sign that you need a thicker layer of asphalt and that your sub-surface needs to be compacted. Fixing ruts can require serious work to repair depending on the severity. Be prepared that you may have to have the surface excavated and your lot repaved.


Be consistent with your parking lot evaluations to catch signs of wear and damage as early as possible! Being proactive can save you money and hassle down the line. For your parking lot paving and repair needs, give us a call today! Our Blackjack Paving team has the right solution to solve your parking lot issues.


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