Parking Lot Marking

A properly functioning parking lot does not happen by accident. Proper striping and signage will help ensure that your parking lot is safe and optimized. At Blackjack Paving, we provide striping and pavement marking services to improve the professional appearance, overall safety, and clarity of your lot. There are many important reasons to prioritize your pavement marking.

  •       Follow the Law—There are regulations for parking lot owners to abide by to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles are safe while utilizing your lot. For example, parking lot striping that includes handicap spaces is required. For every 25 spaces, you must add a handicap space that is accessible via car and 1 out of every 6 handicap spaces needs to be van accessible. Not only does different color striping and a symbol help indicate a handicap spot, but striping is used to ensure proper space is left open for the handicapped individual to get into their vehicle. Without striping, your handicapped visitors may not be able to access your lot.
  •       Improve Safety and Clarity—Striping and parking lot markings can provide vital directional help. You can indicate the direction of traffic and proper lanes, which can improve the traffic in your lot and diminish the chances of an accident. Safe spaces to cross the road can be marked for pedestrians. Parking spot striping will ensure the maximum number of guests and employees can safely park in your lot, reducing the chance of illegal parking. Since 1 out of every 5 accidents occurs in a parking lot, you need to take every step possible to limit your liability and protect your visitors in vehicles and on foot. Pavement markings are a simple step to improve the function and safety of your lot.
  •       Boost Curb Appeal—High quality pavement markings and striping will transform the appearance of your lot. A well-marked lot will communicate professionalism as well as your attention to maintenance. Beyond the basics, you can even take your pavement markings to the next level with branded images and color schemes. We would love to imagine the possibilities with you!

Parking lot markings will transform your lot’s appearance and safety. For your signage and pavement marking needs, give Blackjack Paving a call today! We have a proven track record for quality and a keen awareness of the latest parking regulations, so you can trust us with your lot.


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