Saying Yes to Sealcoating

A parking lot with cracks and potholes not only looks unprofessional, but it is also dangerous. When your asphalt is damaged, it can leave the foundation of your pavement exposed, which could lead to premature deterioration. A deteriorated parking lot can develop dangerous structural issues which could lead to an accident or injury on your property. Sealcoating is an easy preventative step to extend the life of your asphalt and prioritize a professional and safe lot. Our paving professionals at Blackjack Paving want to help you understand why sealcoating should be part of your paving process.

The Benefits of Sealcoating

  •       Limit Your Repairs—Sealcoating is an extra layer of defense for your asphalt against the elements and wear and tear. Your parking lot will be protected against oxidation, penetrating moisture, and oil or chemical spills. Sealcoating will prevent premature potholes, cracks, and depressions in your asphalt. Instead of constantly patching your pavement, which will not be as structurally sound or attractive, choose sealcoating for a tough and uniform finish.
  •       Present Your Best—Parking lot maintenance is important for giving the right impression to your visitors. Sealcoating should be part of your maintenance and upkeep plan. The overall finish will look sleek and professional. Additionally, if you decide to sell your business, the lot will have greater curb appeal and value when sealcoated.
  •       Extend Your Lot’s Lifespan—The typical lifespan for an asphalt lot is about 20 years. You could potentially double your parking lot’s lifespan through sealcoating properly. Ideally, sealcoating needs to be performed every 3 years for best results. Sealcoating is much more affordable than replacing your asphalt lot prematurely. We want to help you get the most life out of your asphalt. Also, your lot will stay visually appealing when you stay on top of your sealcoating. You can have a lot that looks new without the expense and hassle. Plan to sealcoat as part of your upkeep plan!
  •       Improve the Safety of Your Lot—The sealcoating materials can minimize the slippery finish on your asphalt, making it safer for people navigating your lot. Also, the sealcoating will help prevent cracks, scratches, and potholes which could be a safety concern. The safety of your parking lot should be a top concern for the wellbeing of your visitors as well as avoiding legal suits.

Sealcoating should be a part of your routine parking maintenance and upkeep. Being proactive by using sealcoating can help prevent premature deterioration. Sealcoating saves you time, money, and hassle. Schedule your sealcoat services from Blackjack Paving today!

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