Soil Stabilization and Soil Cement – Build on the Right Foundation

Whether putting in a road or laying a new parking lot, paving must be completed on the right foundation. A paved surface must endure constant exposure to the elements and heavy vehicles. If the foundation is weak, your paved surface will be damaged and fail sooner than intended. One way to ensure your paved area has a firm foundation is through soil stabilization. This process uses soil cement to make an ideal base for your pavement. From a parking lot to a concrete pad, soil stabilization is vital. Our paving crew at Blackjack Paving wants to help you understand the process and how it benefits you.

Getting to Know Soil Stabilization

When stabilizing soil, soil cement creates a solid foundation to ensure the necessary load bearing properties for your paving job. Soil cement is generally made up of soil, water, and cement. Soil cement could also utilize aggregate, sand, gravel, crushed stone, and more. The alternative to soil cement for soil stabilization would be a graded aggregate base. Although we have experience with both materials, we recommend soil cement for conservation reasons. Resources and energy are conserved as soil cement utilizes recycled materials which are already on site, limiting the amount of hauling and sourcing needed. Going green while stabilizing your soil is a win-win for your project and the environment.

Proper soil stabilization is essential to prevent cracking and premature deterioration. In addition to soil cement, we utilize lime stabilization and green technologies using enzymes, polymers, and surfactant when needed to ensure stability and binding in the soil. Soil cement can give your pavement the even foundation it needs to endure through heavy use. Through temperature and weather changes, soil cement’s rigid strength holds up.

Soil Stabilization with Blackjack Paving

We prepare the soil cement mixture with a reclaiming machine. Using a motor grader, we create a smooth base using the soil cement with an even finish and ideal compaction. Through soil cement, your parking lot, road, or jobsite have been prepared for paving. Soil stabilization also can minimize erosion which could lead to polluting water sources. After your soil is stabilized, we can begin your paving work. We are committed to delivering long-lasting results for our clients and starting with a strong foundation is part of that. A firm foundation will maximize the longevity of your pavement.

If you are ready to build your solid foundation, give us a call to discuss your soil stabilization needs today! Blackjack Paving will complete your paving work with exceptional quality and value. 

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