Three Traits of a Quality Paving Job

A quality paving job is all about the details. When a job is completed properly and meticulously, you will preserve your investment and maximize your asphalt’s lifespan. Blackjack Paving has a reputation for high quality work and attention to the details. There are a couple of key qualities that set apart a quality paving job.

  1. Smooth Integration with Your Existing Pavement—You could be starting over from scratch putting in a new lot, but more business owners are repairing, expanding, or repaving existing lots. Your parking lot should not look like a patchwork quilt of mismatched pavement. Any transitions between new and existing pavement should be smooth and seamless. Not only will a smooth transition look better, but it will also be a better driving surface for your visitors.
  2. Proper Drainage—Water pooling in your parking lot can cause several problems. Standing water can be dirty or encourage pests. Your visitors will have to watch their step when visiting your business, which is not very welcoming. Most importantly for your pavement, pooling water can gradually seep into tiny cracks in your pavement and weaken your pavement’s structure. This drainage issue could cause your asphalt lot to fail prematurely, requiring the expense of a repair or repaving before you budgeted for it. A properly completed asphalt job will ensure that the water has somewhere to go.
  3. Clean Edges and Even Gravel Base—A quality paving job starts at the foundation. You need to have a level gravel base to ensure that the final product is smooth and seamless. Not only will this look better, but an even gravel base is essential for supporting the weight of vehicles. Your parking lot could buckle under the weight of traffic without the right gravel foundation. The safety of your lot hinges upon hiring a professional company to complete the gravel work. All edges of your lot should be clean to ensure safety. An asphalt professional should have stringent attention to details to make sure that your lot is completely safe.


For the highest quality and professional service, give Blackjack Paving a call! You and your parking lot will be given the utmost care and attention.


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