What is Sealcoating a Parking Lot?

Asphalt is tough, but over time it will succumb to the environment. You’ve likely seen the evidence: cracks in the pavement of your business’s parking lot or the wearing away of parking lines. One of the ways BlackJack paving has helped businesses maintain the look and function of their property is by offering parking lot sealcoating. There are various benefits to this service, and our experienced team of pavers can help you realize them all. Allow us to help you understand what sealcoating an asphalt parking lot entails and then help you determine if this service is right for you:

What is Parking Lot Sealcoating? 

Every day, your parking lot is impacted by the elements, such as UV rays in the summer or ice during the winter. These conditions can weaken and eventually erode the asphalt over time. Depending on the amount of damage, parking lot sealing and striping may be the ideal solution for you. Sealcoating is the process of applying a formulated pavement sealer to a weathered parking lot surface. Upon drying, the sealer protects the parking lot from future damage including: UV rays, harsh chemicals, oil or gas. Additionally, seal coating waterproofs the parking lot to hold up against any potential water damage. 

How Often Should you Sealcoat Asphalt Parking Lot

To ensure that you are preserving the look and function of your parking lot, we recommend sealcoating your parking lot at least once every three years. Not only does it keep your parking lot looking attractive, but it also ensures that you’re protecting it from the wear and tear that comes from the elements and the cars that drive on it. Doing this can help you reap benefits like: 

  • Slowing oxidation.
  • Easier maintenance of your surface.
  • Flexibility (allowing it to give more when cars drive over it). 
  • Protection from pressure washing. 


If you notice that your business’ parking lot is experiencing some cracks, it may be time to start the sealcoating process. Our team is willing to help! Reach out to schedule a consultation today! 


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