When Is The Best Time To Asphalt A Driveway

Spring and Summer are busy seasons for asphalt paving contractors because they feature the ideal warmer temperatures for paving. What if you notice your driveway has cracks in it over the winter? You’d like to have it fixed sooner rather than later, but is it feasible to have it paved over in the winter? 

Let’s take a look:

Cold-mix asphalt

Cold-mix asphalt is specifically designed to perform at any temperature. However, cold-mix asphalt is not suited for paving and is typically used to repair cracks and potholes. One of its limitations is being required to use cold-mix asphalt during the winter when temperatures are freezing, but conditions are dry. Hot-mix asphalt is used in the warmer months of the year, and it must remain hot to compact and perform properly.

Geographical location

Whether or not you can have your driveway paved in the winter also depends on where you live. If there is a day or string of days in the winter warmer than 55 degrees, then it is possible to use hot-mix asphalt. Blackjack Paving has the advantage of providing asphalt paving in Georgia, where it is not uncommon to have temperatures in the 60s during the winter. 


Time is working against any paving contractor performing work in the winter. The minimum required temperatures may only last for a few hours during the day. The contractor needs to work quickly and effectively, but because conditions are still not ideal, it will be difficult to achieve desired compactness. The asphalt you get in the winter may not be as durable as it would be if it were paved in the spring or summer.

Frozen ground

If you’re in a region of the country where temperatures below freezing are normal and consistent throughout the winter, then you may have to wait for warmer temperatures for asphalt paving. If the ground is frozen, then asphalt paving is not possible. The ground also must be dry, which means if a snowstorm comes through, it will leave the ground cold and wet and will take days to dry out.

Blackjack Paving specializes in asphalt paving in Atlanta GA. If you’ve noticed your driveway or parking lot needs paving, but it’s wintertime, give us a call and schedule to have it paved. If the matter is urgent and can’t wait, we will do our best to accommodate you in the wintertime. We are experts in asphalt paving in Fairburn, GA, and over three decades of combined experience has allowed us to deliver quality results in almost any type of weather condition.


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