When to Sealcoat, Resurface, or Replace Your Commercial Driveway and Parking Lot

Your commercial driveway and parking lot are an important part of your company’s curb appeal. When your asphalt is faded or damaged, the professionalism of your business is diminished. Working on your driveway and parking lot before your asphalt becomes an eyesore is important. Blackjack Paving can help whether you are considering sealcoating, driveway resurfacing, or asphalt driveway replacement. If you need help determining which driveway and parking lot solution will be best, our team of professionals can offer guidance.

Sealcoating—Consider adding sealcoating to your ongoing driveway and parking lot maintenance. The sealcoating process should be applied every three to five years. Sealcoating seals the surface of your asphalt and fills in minor cracks. Essentially, the sealcoating acts as a barrier protecting your foundation and sublayers from exposure to the elements. Sealcoating will help maximize the lifespan of your driveway and parking lot, avoiding replacement until it is truly necessary. The cost to sealcoat a surface is very affordable for the protection provided.

Resurfacing—If you are constantly noticing shallow cracks or having to patch spots, you may need more than sealcoating to repair it. Resurfacing replaces the top layer of your asphalt, which will likely extend the lifetime of your driveway and parking lot by 8-15 years. Resurfacing is only advisable if your foundation is still strong, your driveway/parking lot is under 20 years old, your driveway/parking lot only has shallow, narrow cracks, and the damage is under 30% of the overall asphalt. The cost to resurface a driveway or parking lot is a huge savings in comparison to the cost to repave a driveway or parking lot. When our team does a consultation, we can provide an estimate for both.

Replacement—In some cases, the damage is too extensive, or the age of the asphalt is too old. Replacement may be the only option if your driveway or parking lot is more than 20 years old or suffering from more than 30% damage to your overall asphalt.The beauty of a replacement is that you have a clean start and can focus on protecting your investment in the coming years. If you need your driveway and parking lot replaced, we recommend scheduling a sealcoating for your asphalt after it is fully dried and cured, which will be approximately 90 days. Afterwards, plan to schedule your sealcoating application every three-five years. We recommend inspecting your driveway and parking lot thoroughly every month for evidence of cracks or damage. If you address damage early on, you can prevent more extensive damage that could make your driveway and parking lot fail prematurely. When you see any cracks, give us a call.

If you need a professional solution for your commercial driveway and parking lot, reach out to Blackjack Paving today!

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