Will Curbside Pickup Stay Post-Pandemic?

COVID-19 has forced businesses and individuals to dramatically shift their way of life. Although many retailers, such as Walmart, Kroger, and Target, have had curbside service available well before the pandemic started, many other businesses have joined in on this concept as well. Even small businesses have had to consider these opportunities to stay afloat in the pandemic world. There are many aspects of this coronavirus life that are hard to predict whether they will remain once the virus has subsided. Curbside pickup sticking around seems very likely. If your business is not prepared with a designated space for curbside service yet, reach out to Blackjack Paving. We can help you be prepared to serve your customers in this pandemic world and beyond.


Reasons Curbside Could Remain After Corona:

Although there were many shoppers taking advantage of services like Kroger Click list or Walmart Pickup prior to COVID-19, the numbers have grown steadily where 59% of people say they prefer using curbside pickup vs. traditional shopping. In the pandemic world, a lot of stores are not charging for these curbside services either. Whether shopping for a week’s worth of groceries or one missing ingredient from a recipe, curbside shopping is simpler. Customers are saving their time and limiting their exposure. Many retailers are offering apps for their curbside pickup so customers can shop via their smartphone easily. Curbside can also offer quick access to supplies instead of waiting multiple days for an item to be shipped. Whether the customer is an elderly person at higher risk or a mom with small children or any consumer in between, curbside pickup is easy and safe. After being accustomed to this convenience, why would a customer want to return to traditional shopping! When polled 75% of pickup customers said they would continue using these services after the pandemic subsided. If your business has not figured out how to accommodate curbside shopping, now is the time. Curbside appears to be here to stay.


77% of consumers reported to Capgemini Research Institute that they would be more cautious about health, cleanliness, and safety after the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed our world in so many ways, especially the concern for minimizing health risks. Curbside pickup has given consumers the option of getting products, food, and services with greatly reduced risk. Although we all hope that a vaccine will come soon and reduce the impact of coronavirus, there will still be other sicknesses around to battle each year, such as flu, the common cold, etc. Curbside will give consumers an option for getting what they need whether they are well and avoiding sickness or sick and trying to keep others well.


Curbside is a win-win for both businesses and individuals. Shipping is an added expense for both the retailer and the customer. The only winner with shipping is really the delivery company. By offering curbside pickup, the consumer gets their item quickly without paying a hefty shipping charge and the retailer enjoys greater profit margin.

Although there will be some consumers still using traditional in-store shopping, curbside pickup has grown significantly and will likely stay a way of life for many people. If your business needs to accommodate curbside pickup, call us at Blackjack Paving today. Whether a shopping mall, a restaurant, a mom and pop business, or anything in between, we can help you create an ideal space for your curbside pickup service.

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