Different Types of Asphalt

There are two main types of asphalt used for different purposes, from complete repaving to patching potholes. Each type of asphalt can be useful when utilized for the right application. The team at Blackjack Paving is experienced with all pavement types and asphalt mixtures, so we can clarify any questions you may have. 

Hot Asphalt–This type of asphalt is a popular choice for industrial and commercial applications, such as parking lots, roads, and driveways. The installation process is quick, and hot asphalt is ideal for large-scale paving jobs. The hot asphalt mix is heated to around 300-350 degrees, but cools quickly, which minimizes the time that a road or parking lot is closed. Made of a mix of aggregate and asphalt cement, hot mix concrete is highly weather resistant, strong against heavy traffic, and flexible without breaking with temperature fluctuations. 

Cold Asphalt–There are multiple varieties of cold asphalt mixes, but most types of cold asphalt are primarily used for temporary fixes, such as filling in a pothole on the road or patching a parking lot during the winter season. Hot asphalt can only be used when the temperature is above 40 degrees. Cold asphalt can be purchased in small quantities, so a cold asphalt mixture can be optimal for smaller-scale projects or fixes. The hot asphalt mix is ideally used in larger quantities. One of the permanent varieties of cold asphalt, called UPM, can be used in hot or cold conditions and wet or dry settings for patching potholes. After the asphalt has been compacted, UPM dries and is safe to drive or walk on.  

Our Hot Asphalt Services at Blackjack Paving

Whether you are putting in a commercial driveway or a parking lot, our hot asphalt mix is an affordable, durable, and visually impressive choice. Asphalt can endure through hot or cold temperatures, so your lot or driveway will remain strong no matter the weather. Although asphalt can be hot in the summer, the heat-absorbing quality of asphalt is helpful during the winter season to avoid icy conditions in your lot and prevent potholes. Asphalt is also slip and skid-resistant, so your guests and employees can travel safely in your lot by car or on foot. 

Whether you need asphalt repair or a full hot asphalt installation, the Blackjack Paving team can help. We are committed to helping you maximize your investment in your lot or driveway. 

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