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When you’re building a business, one of the first things you’ll have to prioritize is how to sell your services or product. To do this effectively, you’ll need a great sales pitch and, perhaps even more importantly, a quality sales team that can juggle the demands of multiple clients asking for different services simultaneously. We have an incredible sales group at Blackjack Paving, ensuring that our Commercial Asphalt Paving in Atlanta, GA is the best in the business. Let’s take a moment to meet and learn about these incredible team members.

First up is Jeremy Poncelet. He’s been with Blackjack for one year, specializing in property management jobs. When he isn’t at work, he plays on a men’s soccer team and enjoys golfing on the weekends. Jeremy’s happy whenever he’s doing something active or hanging out with his friends. Jeremy’s attention to detail, speed, knowledge, and customer service are all real assets to Blackjack Paving.

Tyler Holt has been with Blackjack for four years. He specializes in top-tier projects and gives customers a fantastic experience. Whenever he’s not making our clients happy, Tyler’s a family man who likes to spend as much time as possible with his son and “baby mama.” He understands the value of good work and enjoys the exhilaration of a finished project.

Reid DeLoach has been servicing shopping centers, homeowners’ associations, and property management jobs for over a year. A fan of the Atlanta Falcons, he watches with dismay every Sunday when they disappoint him. He loves to spend time with his wife and their new golden retriever pup. He appreciates the highly-professional atmosphere at Blackjack Paving and the close family feel. 

Bailee Raker has been with Blackjack for two years and is passionate about traveling in her free time. Her favorite thing about the company is the high value placed on team collaboration, resulting in the best possible client outcomes.

In May, Chase Herzog will celebrate five years with the Blackjack family. He’s an expert on nearly every type of project, including meeting the needs of property owners, shopping centers, homeowners’ associations, and apartment complexes. His favorite activity is playing soccer, and he appreciates Blackjack Paving’s commitment to incredible customer service.

Our sales team members constantly focus on bringing new clients through the door but don’t stop there. From start to finish, our team is there for our customers, ensuring their every need is met. With expert knowledge about every facet of Commercial Concrete Paving in Atlanta, GA, the Blackjack Sales Team will ensure that every client is served quickly and professionally, leading to top-quality projects every time.

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