Water Intrusion & Parking Lot Maintenance

Prioritizing maintenance outside of your building is just as important as maintaining the inside. Your parking lot sets an important first impression, which means ensuring a positive perception is crucial. Asphalt parking lots have a typical lifespan of 20-25 years, but the lifespan is greatly impacted by exposure to harsh conditions and improper maintenance. If your parking lot is well-maintained, your investment will be maximized. At Blackjack Paving, we specialize in the installation and repair of asphalt surfaces. We are happy to help you achieve the best outcome for your asphalt!

Water’s Effect on Pavement Deterioration

Weather conditions that expose your pavement to water can eventually cause concerning problems, especially without proper drainage systems. Standing water can weaken the pavement and cause potholes or cracking, deteriorating the overall strength of your lot. A weakened lot will break down faster and faster, leading to a premature resurfacing or asphalt replacement. If water seeps through cracks to the underlayment of your asphalt, your lot could develop serious structural issues as the aggregate below shifts and fails. During the colder months, moisture that penetrates the surface of your lot could also create a hazard as the pavement freezes and starts the expansion and retraction process.

What To Do

The best option to limit water intrusion is proper parking lot maintenance. Evaluate your lot monthly to make sure cracks and potholes are caught early on. When you catch premature damage, you are likely to avoid more extensive damage and limit the repair costs. If you notice any imperfections in your lot, give us a call for a consultation. Your issue could be resolved with crackfill or patching. Another proactive step to consider is sealcoating. Sealcoating creates a protective layer for your lot while looking sleek and new afterward. If you need parking lot maintenance, reach out to Blackjack Paving today!

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