What is Blackjack Concrete? 

Blackjack Paving has a long-standing reputation for exceptional work with asphalt, but we also offer concrete for commercial needs. Concrete can be a lasting and attractive choice for your company’s parking lot, your commercial driveway, and more. Whether you need to install concrete for the first time or repair your existing concrete, the professionals at Blackjack Paving can help.

Our Concrete Services

Crackfill Services–A well-maintained concrete parking lot can often last 20-50 years. Regular maintenance is important for maximizing the lifespan of your investment. Part of that maintenance includes filling cracks and addressing damage before it can progress and cause irreversible damage. When cracks or potholes are left unattended, they can expand and compromise the foundation of your concrete lot or commercial driveway. Our crack fill services are designed to halt the damage to your lot and restore the appearance of your concrete. Fixing your concrete lot with crack fill will save money and help prevent a premature replacement.

Concrete Replacement and Installation–When your lot has become damaged or aged beyond repair, replacement may be necessary. We recognize that replacing concrete on your commercial driveway or parking lot can be an inconvenience for your business, so we work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption. Whether replacing your existing lot or pouring a brand new concrete driveway, our team stays committed to excellence and efficiency. 

Concrete Dumpster Pads–With the constant weight of waste, the force created can cause your parking lot to fail prematurely. A concrete pad under your dumpster will help protect your parking lot and minimize your expenses. Replacing or repairing a concrete pad is more affordable than having to repair or replace your whole lot.

Concrete Curbs–As a result of exposure to the elements and abuse from motorists hitting them, concrete curbs can become damaged or deteriorated. A damaged curb not only hurts your curb appeal but can also be a fall hazard for guests or employees at your property. 

Concrete Gutters–Gutters play an important part in protecting your roof, lawn, and foundation by carrying rainwater away to the street’s sewer access point. There are many different possible material choices for gutters, but we are proud to offer a sleek and hardy option. Concrete gutters are practically durable and aesthetically attractive.

If you are interested in concrete services, reach out to Blackjack Paving today! We are looking forward to helping you with your concrete project.

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