What is Thermoplastic?

Whether you are striping your parking lot or adding a customized logo on your lot, thermoplastic is a durable and aesthetically pleasing choice. Thermoplastic can last 6 to 8 times longer than traditional painted markings on asphalt. At Blackjack Paving, we offer professional thermoplastic application to suit your specific needs. Explore the benefits and see how thermoplastic can take your parking lot to the next level.

Thermoplastic is a polymer resin plastic that can be applied directly to your asphalt. The mixture becomes a liquid when heated, then hardens and bonds with your asphalt to endure the everyday traffic of your lot once cooled. Wear and crack resistant, thermoplastic is ideal for roadways and parking lots. Thermoplastic is also a recyclable material which is kind to the environment. If you are looking to add markings to be ADA compliant in your lot, thermoplastic is an approved material to use.

The Benefits of Thermoplastic:

  •   Cost-Effective—Thermoplastic needs little maintenance, which is a savings for your business. Also, the significantly longer lifespan of thermoplastic means that you will not have to repaint your lot as often. In terms of application, thermoplastic does not require a primer or sealer like traditional painting methods, so you will save money on the application as well.
  •   No Long Drying Times—Thermoplastic is ready for use minutes after the application has been completed. You will not have to shut down your lot to allow drying time like typical painting methods. Your business can stay functional and productive because your lot is still open for business.
  •   Very Durable—Thermoplastic is tough. You can expect it to endure 5 to 7 times more wear and tear than traditional paints. Thermoplastic is resistant to cracks, oil, gas, water, snow, and frost. Basically, thermoplastic is a great choice regardless of the weather or traffic it will face in your parking lot.
  •   Improved Safety—Thermoplastic improves safety in multiple ways. Clear marking in your parking lots will help prevent accidents as well as help with wayfinding. The coating on thermoplastic also makes the surface of your lot more skid and slip resistant, which will keep your visitors and employees safer in the parking lot.
  •   Customizable—Thermoplastic is extremely versatile. In addition to all the basic striping and standard parking symbols to keep your lot in compliance, we can even do a logo or something specific to your property. We can truly elevate the appearance and compliance of your parking lot all at once.


The Process of Thermoplastic Application:

The application of thermoplastic is simple and quick. Utilizing a broom and gas burner, the thermoplastic is carefully implemented in the desired location. In a matter of minutes, the thermoplastic will be dry and ready for your parking lot to be used again. Although the process seems straightforward, using an experienced professional is wise to achieve the best results. There is somewhat of a science to working with the temperature to avoid scorching the thermoplastic during the application. Also, you need someone with attention to detail and a steady hand to keep the thermoplastic lines straight and neat. Our team at Blackjack Paving has years of experience and you can trust that your lot is in good hands.

If you need a professional application of thermoplastic, Blackjack Paving can deliver a quality job that will last. Our team is meticulous with the details to ensure that your thermoplastic job will be impressive looking, functional, and in compliance with the appropriate codes for parking lots. We are passionate about serving our clients and providing exceptional value in our work. Give us a call for a “thermoplastic consultation” today!

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